Emily Bear

Adding to the classical repertoire of the evening will be Emily Bear, who will present the many sides of her talent on the piano. Turning only 16 this summer, Emily will be the youngest soloist in the history of Night of the Proms. She has been performing on stage since she was five years old and has already experienced many unique highlights. The young American girl appeared in Carnegie Hall, The White House, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and in the Hollywood Bowl. She has performed on every continent, released an album ‘Diversity’, produced by Quincy Jones, and has been composing orchestral arrangements since she was six. Emily already appeared six times in the Ellen DeGeneres TV show in just two years, where she presented a specially composed piece in each appearance. A documentary about her young career was viewed by 30 million people on Youtube. As she feels comfortable combining classical music, jazz and pop, we are looking forward to what will be a one-of-a-kind performance.