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    Oriental Proms Team at the Allgäu-Orient Rallye 2011

    The Allgäu-Orient Rally, from southern Germany to the Near East, is one of the last automobile adventures in the...

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    Night of the Proms on television

    The 22d of April at 20:00h Deluxe Music is broadcasting a 120 minutes recapitulation of the Night of the...

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    Successful show in Denmark

    The Danish audience loves Night of the Proms, and vice versa! Last Saturday, all seats of the ArenaNord were...

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    Night of the Proms at ship christening in Kiel, Germany

    The German shipping company AIDA, new partner of Night of the Proms in Germany, will christen its new ship...

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    Night of the Proms hits Denmark

    Simple Minds, Kim Wilde, DIV4S, John Miles and the Danish artist Allan Olsen will on 2 April perform in...

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    The idea for the Night of the Proms was developed in 1984 by two Belgian students, Jan Van Esbroeck...

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