Celebrating 40 years of 'Music' by John Miles


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40 years of music

Let's make a music video!

Did you know Music by John Miles recently turned 40? Unfortunately, the song still doesn’t have a real video clip. Well… not yet!

Do you play an instrument, do you sing, or do you want to pay tribute to Music in your own way? Then join our special initiative for John, and record your version of Music! We’ll use your video and hundreds of other ones to make a real tribute video.

How it works

1. Register

Register on 40yearsofmusic.com and pick 1 or 2 scores

2. Download

Download your score(s) and the audio track of Music

3. Play & upload

Play or sing the song and upload the video file

Our conductor Alexandra Arrieche has some tips and tricks you should definitely check out.

Do you still have questions after seeing this video? Send an email to question@40yearsofmusic.com, we’re happy to help you.